Refuse & Recycling

Flood Brothers Refuse, Recycling & Yard Waste Collection

Flood Brothers Disposal and Recycling Company provides refuse, recycling, and yard waste service to residential properties with three units or less. Under the contract one 95-gallon refuse toter and one 65-gallon recycling toter are provided to each residence. If multiple containers are needed, additional toters can be rented for an additional fee.

Yard Waste Collection

Yard Waste Collection service is provided from April 1 to November 30, and requires a yard waste sticker on each container, bag, or bundle. Yard waste stickers are available at Village Hall, the Police Station, and local Jewel stores.

Free Pickups

Free yard waste collections take place the first full week of April and the first full week of October. Any yard waste left at the curb will be picked up during free weeks. Seven bulk items will also be collected per calendar year at no charge but you must call to notify Flood Brothers. Christmas tree pickup is offered the first three collections in January, after that the tree will be picked up but will be counted as a bulk item. Collections are on a three-day schedule so check for your neighborhood pickup date.


Eligible Senior Citizens receive 35% off their refuse and recycling rate.


Household head of family with a handicap may receive back door collection at no additional charge. Contact Flood Brothers service representative for information.


If you are moving, contact Flood Brothers' customer service department at 630-261-0400 to establish or terminate your service.

Billing Payment Cycle

Flood Brothers Disposal and Recycling Company bills its services three times a year, January, May and September. Each bill represents a four-month period. For example, your January statement will cover from January 1 through April 30. Payments must be paid within 45 days after the statement date. Unpaid bills are considered past due and incur a finance charge of $2.50 per month until paid in full. Service may be suspended until the account has been paid in full, including late fees. The Village will be notified of the service suspension. Direct all service and billing inquiries to Flood Brothers at 630-261-0578.

Kane County Recycling & Resource Conservation

Beginning January 1, 2012, electronic equipment will no longer be collected with regular trash, because of a new landfill ban in Illinois. Until recently the majority of outdated electronics were thrown in the landfill wasting valuable resources. Unwanted electronics must now by law be taken to a registered recycler for proper management. There will soon be many new opportunities added to the existing electronics recycling drop-offs and collection events in Kane County. Recycling at these locations is free to the public.