Pingree Grove Police Department

While the Police Department enforces laws and ordinances within the Village boundaries 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, and 365 days per year, personnel are not always present in the station. In the case that personnel are not present please use the RED call button in the lobby to contact dispatch services. If you experience a medical or security situation call 911 immediately.

Child Car Safety Seat Installations

Installations of child car safety seats are available by appointment only.

Parking Tickets

If you have received a parking ticket and would like it to be reviewed, please fill out the Mediation Form (PDF) and email or drop it off at the Police Station. You will receive notice by mail within 7 days.

1st Place in the Illinois Traffic Safety Challenge

The Pingree Grove Police Department is dedicated to the safety of the residents and visitors to the Village. Each year the department makes a strong effort to educate the public on traffic safety. The Department's traffic safety efforts are documented in the submission to the Illinois Traffic Safety Challenge. The Pingree Grove Police Department will receive their award in August, which consisted of a LIDAR Speed Measurement Device and a Command Board valued at over $2000.