The Building Department handles all building permit reviews, issuance of building permits, building code and property ordinance enforcement, and flood plain administration. When DR Horton/Cambridge is building new homes, the Building Department performs 15 inspections on each house to insure the quality of the structure is consistent with Village Adopted standards.

Home Improvements & Additions

If you are considering any additions or improvements to your home, you must first check with the Village at 847-464-5533 regarding necessary building permits. Building permits are required before most interior or exterior improvements are made. This includes roofs, fences, decks, patios, pools, and other accessory structures.
  1. Building Permits

    The Village requires building permits for most types of construction.

  2. Call Before You Dig

    Homeowners are required to call JULIE prior to any excavation.

  3. Code Enforcement

    Code Enforcement Officer(s) are responsible for investigating alleged private property violations of the Village Code and the Zoning Ordinance.